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Beauty Treatment


Providing waxing services for both men and women. We offer warm honey wax and hot wax hair removal services for the face and body to include Brazilian and Hollywood services 

Nail Therapy

A basic beauty need which helps you feel and look your best self. Offering a selection of manicure, pedicure and gel services for your essential nail care needs from protecting, strengthening to pampering.

Lash Lift

With enhance your nature eyelashes by using a lifting technique. An application of your chosen colour can also be applied for the oh so natural effect.

Lash tinting

Choose between brown, black or blue-black to bright your eyes. An ideal treatments so mascara does not always need to be worn.


Choose from Brow Lamination, Waxing, Threading and Tinting.


Medical and Luxury Facials

Facials are essential for your skin regime and no better way than having a PCA and Tribe517 skincare specialist to provide a bespoke facial for your skin needs. Using holistic but results driven products to ensure relaxation, nourished, refreshed and revitalised skin. A prescriptive skin consultation is required prior to treatment to create the best facial treatment to suit your skin needs.


A non-surgical facial to renew overall skin tone and texture. This facial has been developed to improve the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, assist in acne scarring and other related skin concerns and conditions. A skin consultation is recommended to advise the best treatment plan.

Massage Therapy

Stella wellness provides a variety of massage techniques to suit your aches and pains from Aromatherapy, Swedish to Hot Stone.

We also provide treatments working with Tribe517, environmentally friendly products with natural ingredients to send you into a dream of relaxation, choose from full body massages and facials.

 Massage therapy uses the manipulation of the soft tissues to relieve the tension build up in the body in order to improve health and well-being. Massage therapy can reduce stress, anxiety, relax muscles, help with rehabilitated injuries, aid in reducing pain and support with your overall quality of health.


Anti Wrinkle

Wave goodbye to your wrinkles and lines, prevent them becoming worse or prevent them entirely. You need a Face to Face nurse prescriber consultation to book this treatment as it involves a Prescription Only Medication, so we cannot advertise prices or give more details via this platform.

Dermal Fillers

We use Premium Grade dermal fillers to plump, enhance and contour the face, hands and neck. For delicate areas such as under the eye, the tear trough, temples and vertical lip lines we use a dynamic filler which lies slim under the skin, quickly cross-links with your own tissues to move naturally as your face does. Creating the perfect cheek contour or sleek jawline takes a stiffer filler which supports the tissues and is designed to last. Lip augmentation is a specialisation on its own, we utilise a range of soft fillers for this important area. A thinner filler will create a very natural look, while a stronger filler is required to lift the lips into shape, correct any asymmetry without slipping into the Trout Pout. Lip fillers should be dissolved every 8-10 years to prevent migration of filler into the upper lip area. We offer this service as well as a general filler correction service

Fat Dissolving

We use Aqualyx to dissolve those stubborn areas of fat which do not respond well to diet and exercise.

Using two active ingredients to burst the fat cell and melt the fat which then metabolises out of the body via the liver and kidneys.

Aqualyx treatment dissolves one layer of fat at a time. One or more sessions may be required depending on how many layers of fat are to be permanently removed.

Peekaboo Gender Reveal Service

Our newest service to Stella Beauty.

We are working with the Peekaboo service at babygenderreveal.com to provide a gender reveal test from as early as 7 weeks! Simply purchase your kit from our partner’s website here and then come to our clinic to have your bloods taken to reveal the gender of your baby.

Trusted, early gender testing backed by years of science.

Over 99% accuracy. 

Quick and easy 10 minute treatment. 

Test as early as 7 WEEKS. 

£35 for blood test with one of our Nurses.

Advanced Cosmetic Skin Treatments


The removal of the dead layer of skin and vellus hair covering the face with a medical grade scalpel leaving the skin smooth and prepped for a flawless makeup. Skincare products will reach the living layer of the skin up to 80% more effectively.

Dermaplaning Gold

This involves a dermaplaning treatment followed a luxury facial and facial lymphatic drainage massage.

Acne Facial

Penetrates pores to kill acne-causing bacteria.

Rosacea Facial

Our medical grade Oat Milk facial soothes the redness and inflammation, helping to soothe and manage this condition.

Pumpkin Facial

This nutritive treatment addresses thick, resilient skin with acne, sun damage or hyper keratolytic build up.

Red Carpet Facial

A medical grade facial designed to get your glow on for that special occasion.

Micro needling

Our micro needling pen is loaded with multiple golden needles which whizz over the face leaving tiny micro-injuries. This results in a rush of oxygen enriched blood, growth factors and stem cells to the skin’s surface. The skin feels tight, smooth and glows from the inside. Good for uneven skin tone, acne scarring, large pores, dark under eye circles and tired, thirsty skin.


This is a micro needling skin treatment where our Pen is loaded with a dose of multi vitamins which is needled into the top layers of the skin. All the benefits of micro needling with the added benefit of skin foods.

The Glass Skin Facial

An advanced micro-needling facial with all the advantages of mesotherapy with the added bonus of a facial smoothing ingredient which gives the skin the flawless appearance of glass.

BB Glow

All the great effects of micro needling, but with a layer of matched foundation to further even out problematic skin and give that glow. Multiple treatments may be required to gain the coverage and colour you require.

The Perfecting Peel

A gentle chemical resurfacing treatment aimed at treating ageing, discoloured, breakout prone skin that promotes bright skin with even skin tone. This is a gentle 20% Mandelic Acid peel with minimal downtime of just 3-5 days.

The Retinol Peel

A prescription Only Peel containing 4-6% pure Retinol. This is the highest amount of pure retinol on the market. This will effectively treat ageing skin, smokers skin, pigment disorders, active acne and acne scarring. The most suitable candidate for this treatment are those with normal to resilient skin who have more dramatic sun damage. Allow 10 days downtime.

The Super Retinol Peel

All the benefits of the Retinol Peel but with a treatment Booster stage to enhance the action of the Retinol. Suitable for those with a resilient but problematic skin. 10-12 days downtime.

The PRP Facial aka Vampire Facial

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) utilises your own plasma rich cells. This is derived from a fresh blood sample that has been spun in a centrifuge to remove the red blood cells. This straw-coloured fluid is then micro needled back into the face, hands, neck or décolletage creating microchannels through which your own stem cells and growth factors

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 is known for it’s balancing properties. Used as an supplement this boost can even out your mood and your sleep. This treatment relieves fatigue, depression and irritability and vision changes. Those who have chronic gut problems or some restrictions on their diet may find particular benefit from the B12 Boost

Covid - 19 Antibody Testing

An antibody test involves a finger-prick blood sample to check if you have had the novel coronavirus. A positive test will tell you whether you have previously had the virus that causes covid-19 and that your body has produced an immune response. The test takes minutes with the results being received within the same day. Our antibody testing is performed by a registered nurse.

Mole Removal

Mole and skin tag removal is often a very quick and normally almost pain-free. As well as Mole Removal, we also provide skin tag removal and milia removal treatments. We treat benign moles, skin tags, milia and thread veins using Short Wave Diathermy. This is a simple handheld device, used by your nurse specialist following a consultation and confirmation that the blemish is benign and safe to remove. Many customers say they wish they had known how easy mole removal was, and they wished they’d had treatment years ago

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) and Laser treatments

Laser and IPL is a light based technology used to treat unwanted hair to the face and body with Superfast Hair Removal, tattoo removal, facial skin rejuvenation (Photo Facial), pigmentation, vascular or acne clearance. The light energy is absorbed into the lower layers for the skin to cause damage to the specific chromophores in the target area for results. Prior to receiving an IPL or Laser treatment a fitzpatrick scale with consultation will require to be performed with one of our advanced practitioners.

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